Our manufacturing facility is designed and maintained to achieve the highest possible level of quality. Highly specialised machines, test and inspection equipment, much of it designed or modified by Electracon Paradise engineers, are used throughout manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing.

We have an exclusive silver alloy manufacturing set upwith highly skilled personnel who have decades of experience in manufacturing and designing the alloys to maximise functionality, performance and safety.

Electracon Paradise has been implementing automated production equipment to enhance manufacturing capability in providing customized and flexible manufacturing setup. We have an imported plant of automatic hot bonding German machines to make contact rivets where in the base metal and contact material are welded together for strong and reliable bonding. We have also got a parallel set up of cold forging machines where in the two metals are forged together without the welding process.

Further, a note worthy feature of our production is that we can supply a wide-range of contact rivets from ready stock as well as tailor made contacts as per customers specifications.