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Electrical Contact Rivets

Electracon Paradise manufactures Electrical Contact Rivets (solid, bi-metal and tri-metal) for all kinds of switching devices to control flow of electricity.
We have an imported plant of automatic hot bonding German machines to make bi-metal contact rivets where in the base metal and contact material are welded together for strong and reliable bonding. Highly specialised machines, test and inspection equipment, much of it designed or modified by Electracon Paradise engineers, are used through out. We have also got a parallel set up of cold forging machines to manufacture the rivets, where in the two metals are forged together without the welding process.
There are different types and shapes of rivets as illustrated above. The technique, of using more copper and less precious materials, makes larger heads and shanks economically possible and this facilitates proper heat absorption, dissipation and alloys for higher ampere ratings.

Regular solid contact
Bimetal  contacts to cut down costs
For riveting on to fragile supports
Specially designed contacts for
Tri Metal
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Dimension Code
Head diameter HD + 0.1 mm
- 0.1 mm
Head thickness HT +0.1
Shank diameter SD +0.1
Shank length SL +0.1
Contact Material Thickness* CT +0.1

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