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We provide contact material in semi-finished forms-round and flat, wires, sheets and strips used in the electrical and electronic industries.
Cladded Strips are offered with Precious Metals Inlay, Throughlay, Edgelay or Overlay mainly for MCB, ELCB, HRC Fuse elements, etc.

Brazing Alloys & Fluxes

Silver Brazing alloys are available as per ISI specification or to Customer specification in the form of Wires, Strips and Foils in an excellent finish, homogenous quality and free from detrimental defects to use for diversified engineering applications.
We also manufacture brazing alloys, containing silver ranging from 2% to 93% for joining ferrous, non-ferrous and dissimilar metals and alloys. These conform to world standards like DIN, JIS, and BIS amongst others.

We can provide customised Products.

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