AgCdO is one of the most widely used group of alloys in the field of low voltage electric apparatus. They show a satisfactory resistance against contact welding with good arc erosion and quite low contact resistance over its complete service life. Atomizing-sintering-extrusion, and melting and subsequent internal oxidation are the two techniques to produce AgCdO.

Electrical Characteristic

Content % 10 12 15 10 12
Theorical density g/cm³ 10.21 10.16 10.08 10.20 10.16
Vickers' hardness (annealed) 64 66 68 60 47
Specific electrical resistance at 20° C Ω mm²/m 0.0202 0.0207 0.022 0.022 0.0204
Electrical conductibility at 20° C % IACS 85 83 78 78 84
Thermal conductivity W/mk 368 362 355 293 362

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AgCdO is the alloy that is used in almost every type of low voltage switching devices. For example: Relays, light switches, household appliances, contactors, some types of circuits, and any switchgear that requires the breaking capacity between 10 & 1000A and 24 & 600V in AC or DC.


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