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Electracon Paradise

From its beginning in 1968 and over the years, Electracon Paradise Limited has built and enviable reputation in the field of precious metal electrical contacts and alloys. The Company is known for reliability of its products, high standards of materials and workmanship employed. From the top management to the assembly line, everyone at Electracon Paradise is motivated by company's goal of exceeding customer expectations by supply of quality products. The company's professional approach to training in an operation using high tech materials and manufacturing methods has resulted in a workforce, which is not only highly skilled, but also tuned to quality.

We possess a long and close association with electrical industry and our experience gained from deep knowledge of modern electrical equipment can be banked upon. The hallmark of precision and quality associated with Electracon Paradise Limited has been built around a tradition that is famous for meticulous care in design and finish.Our range of contacts with silver and other alloys with various base alloys is very wide and ideally suited for electrical switches, automotive switches, motor starters, clock control devices, cassette-deck mechanism, thermostats, power relays etc. Our products are widely used and acclaimed by various segments of the industry such as Automobile, Electrical & Electronics, Switchgear, Telecom, I-T, Home Appliances, etc.

The Company’s goal is to deliver exceptional quality maintaining high production standards that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our experience and knowledge along with our passion to pursue excellence always keeps us a step ahead of our competitors. Our high quality products, timely delivery schedules and the ability to manufacture as per the customers’ custom specifications, have made us one of the key players in electrical contacts market.

The development of new electronic and electrical contact materials and shapes for application are being constantly studied for maximum and efficient results. We will grow and diversify our business by continuing to build on our core competency of electronic contacts creating more value for our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

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We're highly determined to build the Quality products for our customers. We have come a long way in our journey and have build a strong infrastructure to compete in this industry but have still many miles to go. We believe that this could be attained as we have blessed with highly skilled Manpower.



We are dedicated to our commitment to excellence in production and our belief in team work. Our skilled design engineers, with a vast experience in the design and manufacture of electrical contacts have been instrumental in assisting customers world-wide in resolving special requirements in varied applications and environments. To achieve this it has been necessary to keep abreast of both material and production developments with the assistance of sophisticated test equipment. At Electracon Paradise, we believe that our People are our most important asset. Electracon Paradise has been built upon the tradition of mutual trust, personal integrity, a spirit of cooperation and respect for dignity of the individual. Our mission is to create an organization that does not rest only on the concrete pillars but on the shoulders of committed well-knit Team Members. We have embraced a customer-driven culture that focuses on continuous improvement, and not just meeting the expectations of today.



Our manufacturing facility is designed and maintained to achieve the highest possible level of quality. Highly specialised machines, test and inspection equipment, much of it designed or modified by Electracon Paradise engineers, are used throughout manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing. We have an exclusive silver alloy manufacturing set upwith highly skilled personnel who have decades of experience in manufacturing and designing the alloys to maximise functionality, performance and safety. Electracon Paradise has been implementing automated production equipment to enhance manufacturing capability in providing customized and flexible manufacturing setup. We have an imported plant of automatic hot bonding German machines to make contact rivets where in the base metal and contact material are welded together for strong and reliable bonding. We have also got a parallel set up of cold forging machines where in the two metals are forged together without the welding process. Further, a note worthy feature of our production is that we can supply a wide-range of contact rivets from ready stock as well as tailor made contacts as per customers specifications. Our system has been evolved progressively to meet the diversified and high volume production type of today. We have deployed a complete process automated environment to integrate the internal resources in response to the ever growing and varying demands of our customers. To sum up we boast of having engineering and manufacturing capabilities to define world-class quality.



We at Electracon Paradise believe that Quality Control is a science. It is an integral part of every manufacturing stage in which every employee participates. It starts with the careful selection of raw material suppliers and the stringent inspection of their products to meet our own demanding standards and continues with rigid quality control of each component through each stage of the manufacturing process. At all times only the most advanced techniques and highest precision measuring equipment, constantly checked and monitored against certified reference standards, are used. Flexible Manufacturing Comes From the Customized Production Mode and Quality Assurance System. Our Corporate goal is to over deliver exceptional quality while maintaining high production standards meeting our customer's expectations on time and every time. Our experience and knowledge, along with our passion to pursue excellence, keeps us a step ahead of the competition. Always...