From its beginning in 1968 and over the years, Electracon Paradise Limited has built and enviable reputation in the field of precious metal electrical contacts and alloys. The Company is known for reliability of its products, high standards of materials and workmanship employed. From the top management to the assembly line, everyone at Electracon Paradise is motivated by company's goal of exceeding customer expectations by supply of quality products. The company's professional approach to training in an operation using high tech materials and manufacturing methods has resulted in a workforce, which is not only highly skilled, but also tuned to quality.

We possess a long and close association with electrical industry and our experience gained from deep knowledge of modern electrical equipment can be banked upon. The hallmark of precision and quality associated with Electracon Paradise Limited has been built around a tradition that is famous for meticulous care in design and finish.Our range of contacts with silver and other alloys with various base alloys is very wide and ideally suited for electrical switches, automotive switches, motor starters, clock control devices, cassette-deck mechanism, thermostats, power relays etc. Our products are widely used and acclaimed by various segments of the industry such as Electrical & Electronics, Switchgear, Automobile, Telecom, Information Technology, Home Appliances, etc.

The Company’s goal is to deliver exceptional quality maintaining high production standards that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our experience and knowledge along with our passion to pursue excellence always keeps us a step ahead of our competitors. Our high quality products, timely delivery schedules and the ability to manufacture as per the customers’ custom specifications, have made us one of the key players in electrical contacts market.

The development of new electronic and electrical contact materials and shapes for application are being constantly studied for maximum and efficient results. We will grow and diversify our business by continuing to build on our core competency of electronic contacts creating more value for our customers, our suppliers and our employees.